Health Insurance
Account Management Professional

Executive Summary

Linzi Driver has over 17 years of experience within end-to-end health insurance, with four of those years specifically being within account management. And as an Account Manager, she has performed all the duties that are outlined in the Amity Benefits job description, as well as several additional duties. Throughout her career, she has built and maintained client relationships to identify and execute business objectives for high impact benefit administration. She also has extensive experience with handling all aspects of a customer’s experience with the company that include implementation of new business, face-to-face engagement, metric presentations to monitor SLAs and all delegated activities.

Education & Experience

As outlined above, Linzi has over 17 years of experience with end-to-end health insurance, with four of those years specifically being within account management.

*Note*: She does not currently have her 215 insurance license. However, she stated that she feels fully confident in her knowledge to be able to obtain that certificate quickly, and can begin the process of receiving it immediately.

Meeting or Exceeding Objectives

One example of Linzi exceeding objectives is her direct experience with a member cost savings program, that redirect members to more affordable imaging centers for advanced diagnostics, while equally not diminishing quality of service.

Team and Role Fit Analysis

Linzi exhibits several qualities that are equally shared by the Amity Benefits team. She is very energetic, a clear communicator, and above all has a deep passion for providing affordable healthcare coverage.

Location and Travel

She is located in South Tampa and is very eager to be able to work in the office at Amity Benefits.

Desired Compensation

While she currently earns more than the estimated salary of $60K annually for this role, she is certainly open for further discussion regarding overall salary and compensation.

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