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Kevin Shea - Director of In-Building Solutions

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Kevin Shea is a management professional with over two decades of extensive experience in overseeing the deployment of DAS across multiple venue types, including but not limited to casinos, hospitals, universities, stadiums, conventions. Below are a list of the projects that Kevin has overseen and been heavily involved with:

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL – Large Public Venue DAS

2016 Cleveland Republican National Convention – Multiple Hotels, all connected via a fiber ring to an offsite BTS Hotel data center.

Minneapolis St. Paul Airport – Verizon DAS & Neutral Host DAS – Defined PIM testing MOP for VzW in Midwest.

Toyota Motors HQ – Multi-building corporate campus – Commercial Carrier & Public Safety DAS – wrote the protocol and test plan for City of Plano & Frisco TX.

Turning Stone Casino – AT&T DAS

Tacoma Dome – 15 sector neutral host DAS – First Corning ONE deployment in US.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – Multi-building Hospital Campus DAS

MD Anderson Cancer Center – Multi-building Hospital Campus DAS

Roche Diagnostics – First CommScope ION-E DAS in US

USF – Multi-building university Campus DAS

University of Notre Dame – NH DAS

Gillette Stadium, Raymond James Stadium, Hard Rock Stadium – Large Scale NH DAS

Universal Studios / Sea World / Walt Disney World – D-RAN DAS, C-RAN DAS, Public Safety, Wi-Fi – NH iDAS and ODAS.

Meeting or Exceeding Objectives

Please refer to below commentary from Kevin:

In the early days of my career, I was the hands-on field engineer. I installed the cable, terminated, and tested it, and programmed the equipment. More recently, I’ve been on the management side. That’s where my strengths are now. I have the relevant technical experience to make me a credible leader. I am not always the SME for every aspect of it anymore. The industry has grown and evolved so much that its not possible to be the expert at the engineering level and a strong manager that pieces everything together. My strengths are in management. I know how to get solutions and results. I put the right SMEs in the right places and at the right times. I am very organized and structured. I am well connected throughout the industry and throughout the country. I am the right person to lead this initiative for your client. I can promise that they will not regret a decision to go with me.

Skills, Experience, Depth of External Relationships

Please refer to below commentary from Kevin:

“The above highlights are some of the few that stand out across a 2 decade career in wireless infrastructure. Private LTE is the latest trend in wireless communications networks. I am working on building the foundation for a private network with a client, but the details of this venture are not public. A private LTE network is a distributed antenna system. The difference is found at the head-end, where the services are connected and with who pays for the network services. That’s it.
There are only a few key players in the space right now, and they’re still working out the kinks. Some early solutions posed problems with either limited capacity, limited throughput, or limited bandwidth. Private LTE is an evolving technology at the moment – and you won’t find anyone that can claim that they are an ‘expert’ just yet.

I hope this high-level summary illustrates that my competencies in this space are more than sufficient. In addition to my competencies and relevance to the solution, and I am highly experienced with this role of leadership with project management, construction, and engineering. I’ve played a management role in every one of the highlights listed above, and I’ve served in a capacity very similar to what your client is looking for. As the manager, and oftentimes the SME, I travel to the location of the venue where I sync up with the local contractors. The initial meetings and kickoffs set the tone for a remotely managed project with travel back to the venue at various milestones throughout the lifecycle for QA/QC, progress check-ups, and decision-gates – as well as final acceptance.”

Education & Certifications:

Bachelors of Science in Business, Management, and Marketing from Notre Dame

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

**Bonus Certifications/Qualifications**

OSHA 30 Hour Training Certification
Multiple Firefighter, Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT), and Safety related certifications

Current Position: Director of In-Building Solutions

Current Location: Kevin is currently located in Orlando, FL. However he has a strong desire to return his family back to the northeast U.S. He is also excited to begin traveling across the country once again.

Position Seeking: Senior Vice President of Project Management, Construction and Engineering

Compensation Seeking: He is very pleased with the compensation for this role.

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Russ Liebowitz, Partner